1) Alpha 864 M8100y boot order 2) Best Catalina update method:


I have been super happy to get the Lattepanda Alpha 864 working, after a long period of studying Clover, Don´s instructions, tons of other things, kext tweaks etc… I have now Windows and Mac OSX 10.14.6 working beautifully (thank you again Don!!). One addition, on my M8100y, I had to tweak audio section though back in Clover configurator afterwards, the audio from “default” to “no”, and alcid=7 addition to plist… all that works now… as in here: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/latte-panda-alpha-audio-help-alc269-applealc.264480/page-3

QUESTION 1: BIOS Boot order:
I have still been hitting my head to the Berlin Wall with the Boot order in BIOS… Somehow, saving the boot order to the M2 NVME Samsung Evo 970 plus just does not work. NVME itself was painstakingly updated for latest OSX compatible firmware, OSX works perfectly, no worries there, boots well, but only via F7 stabbing method :-)… Simply, no matter what I do in BIOS, choose/save the new order, always boots into Windows, not the NVME/with clover initial window where a boot can be chosen freely…
I am sure the solution might be likely something simple that I have overlooked, but I would majorly appreciate any advice to fix this… I rather would still have the option to boot to Windows (not disabling MMC access in Bios etc)… Solution must be something simple I have overlooked, I am quite certain…

For context, I am working on a vibrotactile bodily instrument demo for the new Helsinki central Library Oodi for the fall, Puredata/MaxMSPJitter softwares and cameras involved… prepping the system to be super tight, including any boot order, boot after power down etc… usual things done in exhibitions for Macs. I love the lattepanda, due to the combo, size, Arduino existence… been working with Beaglebone Bela also, which I love for it superlow audio latency, immediacy, I/O options (great audio gadget)…

QUESTION 2: Catalina 10.15 on an Alpha 864 M8100y:
Q: Wondering whether anyone knows about a similar majorly more convenient Catalina install method for the Lattepanda Alpha 864 M8100y as Don´s Mojave Youtube instruction and related Github files are… ? (or… if he is planning to update his files to support Catalina?)…

I have followed several written instructions from the www for Catalina, such as Lattepanda Alpha m3-8100y Catalina Baseline
but have been confused, or faced with some missing options etc… Aware of the Niresh method, and pages below, but am not yet far enough (first Hackintosh ever) with all the required options for Lattepanda:

Before I start messing up the brand new beautifully working Mojave install, appreciating any useful advice on what might be the current most effective method, solid standalone way with existing patches, or… possibly simply an update method?,

Best regards,

Marko, 1952 Olympic Village, Helsinki.

Hiya - I’m having the same problem as you on point 1. I think this is related to lattepanda and not windows. Just seems that BIOS regularly reverts to booting from EMMC - very annoying. Hope there’s a fix. For question 2, have been using opencore rather than Catalina. Still working through a couple of things, but seems to work quite well. I’ve got the same lattepanda as you and also @Kasek and we’re both working through opencore solution.

I’m working on writing a guide up for opencore tutorial. I’ve had another user ask about it and then we will have both options here for people