2 Computers 1 Box

My completed Raspberry Pi and Lattepanda Computer box. More info and stuff later this weekend when I find more time to make a proper “show” for this project. Hope you all like it. Just needs a few adjustments and bug fixes.


I got a chuckle out of the “intel inside” sticker. Nice.

Intel Atom x5-z8350. About as fast as a pentium dual core from 10 years ago. Way more power efficient. The pi zero’s little ARM CPU would bite the dust compared to this. I just had a bug where the pi will crash the USB devices it is connected to.
I have yet to find time to troubleshoot it with it being finals week. Here is a pic of the inside.


that’s so cool! have you tried replacing the rpi3 with a zero instead. you can interface with it directly from usb

It already has a pi Zero W. The zero has it’s own USB hub as I wanted truely separated computers. The pi is even on a separate power connection.

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Ah yes. There it is. Super nice. Hows it working out?

I saw a spam lunch box on Amazon, thought it would make a humorous pi casing.

Works great the battery life is good enough for 3 days several hours use. Works great for streaming music to a TV or general research and web surfing. But I can use it on the go when I want. Plays Windows 10 Minecraft with multiple people connected in a LAN world with ease.