Android auto on raspberry pi broken!


Hey Nova

can you fix your scripted please!!!


hangs here


what model of raspberry pi are you using?


Raspberry Pi 3B . It maxes out the CPU and all of a sudden the Raspberry Pi becomes unresponsive or very slow to respond for a bit. Then it says that install. Sh fails


I had another image to load showing you that the failed. But unable to post I couldn’t post the image


you actaullly doing alot already… your keeping it active in the most part but i do need a moderator


Sure I can help out moderating.


I’m actually experiencing with the same issue but I’m running the pi3+


Same here tooth the rpi 3 b+


Hi I’m new here.
using raspberry pi 3b
I have almost the same problem.
after 15 min very slowly and does not work anymore.


i should have a fix for this soon, i’m recoding bits of the script to fix this