Any other real green noobs wanna team up?

Learning something new is hard enough but being on your own is even harder. Any one want to start a noobs team?

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Well i have lot to learn so why not

I see your into the gaming.
I have to admit, i know nothing about gaming. The only game I’ve played is the Sims and when 3 hit i balled. I hate companies that nickel and dime you. Especial when they start charging you for something you used to get free.

So what have you done So far and what’s your plan?

My plan is to eventually get a C.E.H.
I live in a poor area and non of these ppl know what Kali linux is. Not even the computer repair guy’s in town. I find it laughable but someone has got to teach these ppl how to protect themself. Heck, the bank has been hacked 5 time’s and the dummies are still running windows.
I’ve got my raspberry 3 b+ and im running the suggested re4son kali kernel 4.9 but it’s not as easy to get it configured as Novaspirit says. It still wont go into monitor mode so ive given up and just bought a Wi-Fi adapter.
To any one running kali on there raspberry, the re4son sticky fingers is awesome. Ive had a few different sources of kali but this one is super optimized. My pi has increased in performance expeditionary and once i get it just right im backing up my sd. Don’t want all this work to go to wast.

I dont really have a plan yet and i havent done much because im trying to install kali on a laptop and it just does not work and i dont really have a raspberry pi yet. You are very correct on the fact that the games/game makers just cant get enough of money and just keep making games that you need to pay to advance.

What system is on your laptop right now? You could use a virtual box to install Kali. If your running Windows 8 and above you have to go into bios menu to disabled secure boot or do a live iOS image of kali on a flash drive, usb stick and just do a dual boot. If you haven’t tried any of this i would do the virtual box. It’s supper easy and gives you access to all the tools and if you get a wifi adapter you can even use monitor mode on your virtual box " theoretically speaking".

The laptop has i5 450, gt 330m and 8gb of ram. I have been trying to install windows 10 on the laptop too but it just does not want to work im starting to think i need a new hard drive for it i dont really have the money or time to do it at the moment. My main pc is working fine and i could use kali on it but it would be better to have a laptop with kali so that i can transport it from place to place easily if i need to.

It’s without an operating system right now? I see.

I would love to learn too.

What exactly are you wanting to learn? Maybe if we are heading in the same direction we could team up?

Wish i could help you with that. I really dislike Windows. Ive been avoiding updates at Windows 8.1. Ive tried in the past to switch from Windows to kali for my main os but i know gaming on kali isn’t going to work. But if you are just wanting a kali on the laptop, i new hard drive without an os would be easy enough to just install a kali right?
Have you confirmed it’s a bad hard drive?
I’ll be honest. I know nothing about hard drives beyond what they do.

The hard drive works on my main pc or atleast shows itself and i can put data on it but when i try to install kali or windows on my laptop it just does not work. I took my ssd from my main pc and put it on my laptop it worked fine with it so im guessing its a broken hard drive.

Ok. The question i have is what is on the hard drive right now? Does it have an operating system on it already or is it completely clean?

completely clean i always format hard drives before i install any os on them.

Ok. Good. Wasn’t sure. That’s the extent of what i would know. Maybe Novaspirit could give you some advice on what to try. Maybe send him a quick message. I wish you luck and if you do find the answer let us know in case one of us ever run across that.
Im just working on building the portable raspberry pi with Kali and so far so good.
Once i get it fully operational meaning the mon0 mode working i will use my phone as a display. You could have the actual raspberry in a back pack and use your phone to operate it. That’s portable and less suspicious then a lap top.
Cheaper also.

Hi there.
I don’t have a raspberry…yet… but I want to learn how to “play” with it.
I like many things, but I think they can complement each other.
Some fields I want to learn more: Security, IoT, renewable energy (especially solar).
I’ve recently bought a small solar panel, that outputs to USB.
I realize I have to learn a little more about electronics, not only to take full potential of the solar panel, but to achieve my goals with solar energy.

Umhh Hey actually I think I can help u with that , what’s the voltage rating of the panel and what the current o/p (or how many watts ).


Is it okay if I join this group.


hey guys!! here is a site i use quite often to brush up on pen testing
it’s very resourceful if you wanted to test and try stuff on your own and the commands to do it


Thank you for that link. I just took a fast look but it looks very informative.

Thanks Ram, the box said 5.5W, 5V, I hope that’s what you were asking about.
Do you guys have any suggestion to resources I can look to be more comfortable playing with electronics? Ex: I have rechargeable batteries that I use on many things,and today my charger stop working, my idea was to try to charge all the batteries with solar panels. (I also have some IKEA solar charges from some led table lamps).