Any other real green noobs wanna team up?


Hey that means u have a solar panel of 5v which roughly outputs 1A (current) . What do you have in mind what do you wanna do with it


1A hum that explains why my smartphone doesn’t seem to charge with it, it only maintains the same battery level.
Now, I’m using it to just charge smartwatch, wireless routers and little gadgets.

I wanted to incorporate sensors into my worm composters, but I see now that a stronger/better panel is needed if I want to use raspberry B ou B+ (it recommends using 2.5A power source). I also have to check how to power the sensors.
Thank you Ram.
Maybe I can ask for your help again when I have a full scheme because I haven’t bought raspberry yet, wasn’t sure which option was best in this scenario.


Ok then let me know what you plan on doing . :wink: