Arduino Project

I just received my Lattepanda Alpha and love it. I am wondering if I can find a secondary project to use the auduino component. Any ideas for a project?

You could use it for a sonsorstation with integrated server or as the controllunit for a small robot.
In both cases has the full OS a webserver and for the sensorstation a database. The µC is used for the communication to the sensors or the actors.

Could I have it talk to a Pi through the one wire protocol? I would like to find a way to use a keyboard and mouse to control both computers at a low level. (Not through a regular wifi or Ethernet network) I wonder if that would be fast enough. Or I could make software programmable RGB lights and/or a extra fan. This thing runs hot. The sensor idea sounds cool as I want a semi portable project and having a few tempature sensors to control AUX fans would be a good idea.

I would use I²C for the communication to a Pi.

Ok thanks I think I will use that then.