Built in SD Card Reader not working on LP Alpha in Mojave


First of all thanks to Novaspirit, I have installed Mojave on the LP Alpha and its working very well indeed.
I have not been able to get the sd card reader to work under Mojave, whereas it works in windows 10. Does anyone know how I can fix this?


Well, there are two types of sd reader: USB one and PCI connected one.
With USB SD readers are powered by USB protocols and work well without any drivers.
Hence, one just needs to correct vendor & product ID from some kext.

For PCI connected SD readers, we need a driver. LATTEPANDA HAS THIS KIND OF SD READER. Realtek SD readers have a custom driver developed by a hackintosh user. However, LattePanda has an Intel one, Intel Sunrise point and there’s no driver for it. (PCI 8086:9D2D)

FYI, 8086:9D2B is EMMC and 8086:9D23 is SMBUS and all three are sharing subsystem ID 8086:7270


Dang! I tried to write a kext(kernel extension) for built-in SD reader and it’s HORRIBLE to develop kext in macOS environment! Terrible! I can’t even print the log! Terrible…