Can't get Bluetooth to pair

Hey everyone,

I have tried 3 different bluetooth modules, but I’m never able to pair successfully.

Here are the devices tested:

With all three devices:

  • The bluetooth module is detected in the hardware profiler
  • Bluetooth shows up in the system preferences
  • It can detect nearby devices.

However, when I click Connect it attempts to pair with the device, but is never able to pair successfully.

OS: 10.14.6
Wifi: Works without any issue.

Has anyone else here been able to solve the problem?

Hi simonwjackson, were you able to connect to bluetooth? I’m on mojave 10.14.6 as well, but Im no able to connect to bluetooth... Im connecitng a macbook air airport bord in my m.2 e key and Im connecting to wifi perfectly, but both the onboard and the airport bluetooth are not working... They dont even recognize my devices. Any sugestions??