Can't update to Catalina 10.15.4

now I am back stuck on Catalina 10.15.1 on one of my two LPA with the first generation processor the update go’s but when I want to run the updated Catalina I got an IGPU failure

Begin Gfx firmware load process
ForceWake Multithread = 0x30002
CONFIG0 (0XD00) = 0x80000000

and then it retry’s 50 Times and reboots any body with any idee’s what’s going wrong
and how to fix it

found the fix seems I needed to update lilu and whatevergreen and virtualSMC and appleALC I also update clover to version 5108 now the only problem is that I get a black screen after it shows the login screen the workaround for the black screen was detaching the HDMI connector and plugging it back in.

Ohh, I could never update or install in the new LO. Can you believe? If can make run and if you have the EFI directories could be great. It’s no easy install.

I have successfully updated LPA800 to 10.15.4.


and do you also have a HDMI hotplug problem like I have I also could update but the login screen turns black so I need to constantly pul out the HDMI connector and re attach it when I log in

Me too!
Eu também!
Any solution for this?

lattepanda alpha m3-7y30

no I didn’t find a solution for it, not yet :unamused:

Try adding -igfxhdmidivs to arguments.

I did without any success the problem persists :unamused:

I have successfully updated Lattepanda Alpha 864s to 10.15.4.

i haave the newer panda and was able to update when i switched over to open core instead of clover. only issue i have is i cant adjust my hdmi volume.

@ender - are you using clover or opencore? Like @Kasek I’ve got the 864s and using opencore. Mainly working except for HDMI audio which am still working on - and need to check USB mapping.

using clover.
I don’t know opencore