Catalina install completely lost

Hey there recently got my lattepanda alpha with the m3-8100y processor. I’m trying to install catalina and ive been following this guide:
ive gotten stuck on the section “clover and friends part 2” I thought i should be using the desktop portion not the laptop but now im not sure. Also using CCE and following the guide for desktop i got to step 5 and completly get lost. can anyone walk me through it dumbed down so a 5 year old could understnad? ive been at this 2 weeks and cant get answers from anywhere that cna help me. or does anyone have a guide for the m3 CPu instead of the older one. Please help i literally bought this SBC for a hackintosh and now havent even been able to use it

I will search for the post on this forum that claimed success installing at least Mojave.

Check this link for building your hackintosh:

Awesome thanks I got it up and running have a couple other issues I’ll make a new post for