Cluster HAT for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ Mining

Hello there. I saw the video tutorial on how to mine crypto on the Raspberry Pi from several months ago and I used it to see how it functioned with no major troubles. Then I decided to try a more accessible crypto currency and decided to try Monero through other tutorials that I came across. Afterwards, I came across other online videos that more savvy builders and programmers were able to do a cluster mining and increase the speed and power of their mining rigs, which I don’t have knowledge of.

However, I’m eager to learn on how to do this properly but need some assistance. A while back ago, I came into possession of a Cluster HAT, which allows me to use four Pi Zero’s on top of any Pi 3/4 (I have it attached to a Pi 3B but have access to a 3B+ and 4B with four Pi Zero W’s). I did general installation through their website and it is currently working properly (or I hope it is) since it safely boots up with no errors. I wanted to see if anyone attempted to do a recreational build with a Raspberry Pi mining rig and on their possible successes/failures so I can build my own.

I have attempted to reach out to other communities and everyone said that it is a waste of time to even pursue it, but just like many on several overclocking/modding communities, I want to try it regardless and see how I can learn to use it. Hopefully someone here might be able to help? Hope to hear back from you all shortly.