Dell Optiplex 780 Server Project

Hi all,
This project is nearly complete. I am running windows server 2016 on a Dell Optiplex 780 USFF.
Sadly when under high loads, the CPU fan does not speed up much causing the CPU to reach 65+C (Tpackage max is 84.1). Somehow i would like to control the fans.
I have already tested I8kFanGUI which was working fine until i restarted the computer. After restarting the driver refuses to run.
Any help would be appreciated!

It would seem that fan speed is a known issue with this Dell model. It gets a mention in many forums but there has been no resolution offered by Dell as far as I can find. Not sure if this model of Dell has the option but some id that allowed you to select if the BIOS or the OS controlled the fan,

There sadly is no direct control over the fan in the latest bios.
Bios Modding??