Dual screen output (usb-c + hdmi) doesn't work


Hi there,

I’m using a lattepanda as a hackintosh high sierra (for many reasons, I don’t want to use Mojave). I’m trying to get a dual screen output, using the USB-C output + the HDMI output together. But it’s not working.

I can use one or the other, but not both at the same time.

Am I the only one to get this issue ? Is it possible to have a dual-screen output ? Or is it impossible, because it’s an hackintosh.

Thanks for you help !


Hi !

No answer :confused: I can’t believe that nobody tried dual screen output on their Hackintosh Lattepanda. Any help ? :pray:


Problem solved after upgrading Clover and OSX to the last version of Mojave (10.14.5).