Failure installing Mojave


I got my LattePanda yesterday and directly want to install Mojave.
Booting from USB with Clover was fine.
Installation loaded and i see my NVME. Format it with APFS and choose this disk for the installation.
As fine as good.
After the first reboot when the second Installation Stage begin, i get a bootloop!
I don’t know why! I choose the new installation disk in clover and startet with verbose to see where it hangs up.

This is the last I can see before it automatic reboots.


there is an issue installing on the 10.14.1, the latest pre-releaes fixes that issue


Used the pre release and have the same issue!


for the second stage your still using the USB to boot?


Sure! Boot with the USB and select the the same partition as in the second stage!?
The first stage installtion runs fine and reboots 2 minutes before, is that normal?


for the second stage you should be selecting the nvme


I have tested both! Same thing!


how about the bios igpu settings, is it set at 1024?


Yes, i have set the bios settings like in your installation video.


this for 10.14.1 or 10.14?


10.14.1! Loaded the version yesterdfay from the appstore.


i just uploaded this for you, this is my latest clover kext which fixes tons of issues. let me know if this works… you might want to try fresh install again


Thanks! I will test it this evening and let you know!


i might have a full release later so double check the github


This version works man! :slight_smile:
I think this was caused by some unnecessary kexts!


check out my latest version with hdmi audio and correct monitor detection