Falling into the money trap


It was bound to happen i guess.
With any newley discovered passion/hobby there’s always thing’s you realize you just must have!!
When i first got fascinated by the power of raspberry pi, i had a narrow plan of use.
I was sure that it would be fairly simple.
Get the pi, get the sd and power supply. Hook it all up and bam! Im into learning programming!
Well, the learning programming thingy isn’t happening yet but i am learning about amps, volts and soldering.
Im learning about circuitry and the like.
Now there’s a whole new list of thing’s i just have to have.
My list keeps building and my once certain path is shrouded in mystery and im not sure where im going!
Lmao isn’t it beautiful?


It seems the more you get the more you need :wink:


I pre-ordered the lattepanda alpha 864 for $328. Too bad I have to wait till August to get it. Computer Hobby’s can get expensive fast but that’s what disposable income is for. Can’t wait to put a E-GPU on it and cryptomine and get games on it. I want to make it a Linux/Windows/OSX Hackintosh. The only problem is finding a power solution for the GPU and haveing the PSU start up with the Lattepanda Alpha SBC.


I think that every body has this problem with every hobby.
I have the problem with IT-Stuff, electonic components, archery und digital photography.


True. I would say this is my first real hobby.
I’ve done other thing’s like building and creative non tech thing’s in the past. It was more or less a past time activity but tech has turned into a real hobby. I find myself wanting to collect components, even if i have no idea what there used for.
My nieboor scraps. He takes apart all kinds of electronics and tosses out boards and crap. I’ve told him to collect apparent undamaged components and id buy them.
Im sure there not any good but i like to look at them and try to figure out what they do.
Im going to get a soldering iron and see what i can do with these scrap items just for the fun of it.
I’ll probably end up blowing myself up or getting led poisoning.


I have always wanted to get a heated soldering station. One of those that has a computer controlled heated tip so that I won’t melt a PCB and have fine tuned temperature control. The one I have currently is like five bucks and it is a pain to work with to the point that I don’t want to get it near one of my Pi. I would hate to mess up a joint on a $35 computer ant have to redo it over and over. The cheap ones are too crude for real fine soldering.


Good to know. I would have just bought a cheapo. I guess the cheap one’s are ok if I’m just practicing on scrap board’s.


I’d like to get at least 4 pi’s and stack them but make them portable.
I’ve not been able to find any instructions on how to do that with kali.
I just ordered a metal lock box, mini keyboard/mouse and 7" screen.
I needed a battery power bank but im still conflicted on which one to get.
Sure they can power a pi and maybe the 3" stacked pi display but can they power a 7" hdmi display and an alpha wifi adapter with wireless mini keyboard.
That’s the question.