Fresh Install 10.14.6 no HDMI audio?

Hi all

i do a fresh install on a nvme ssd drive, lattepanda m8100y prozessor 8gb ram.

all working fine exept hdmi audio, wlan and bluetooth.
wlan and bluetooth are not really important for me, and i think is a leak of hardware.
But hdmi audio i need it :slight_smile:
any ideas ?

Edit: i can see the output of HDMI but it is grey…

Try using Hackintool.



Thank you, very nice tool.
it works also in 5.1 :+1:

Edit: output of a movie with qt plays in 5.1. But in audio/midi config are only 2 channels available. With a mac mini > hdmi out, i can see the outputs but on panda are only 2 channels. There are any hints to get all channels in audio/midi settings ?

I would like you to set Layout ID to 17.

my config.plist have 3 entries with layout-id, two with id:3 and one has no id

Devices > #AddProperties > item 2 (Device HDA) > Comment > layout-id=3
Devices > #AddProperties > item 2 (Device HDA) > Key > layout-id
Devices > Properties > PciRoot(0)/Pci(0x1f,3) > #layout-id > Number =3

i try to change one, booth and set also the key to=17, but nothing only 2 channels are available. But i’m little confused about the hash append the AddProperties that does not mean is uncommented (inactive) is the same as linux right ? because there are also a AddProperties without a hash, but set from item0 to7. can i add the hda item to item 8 ? i try it… :wink:

Edit: trying to copy item2 to the uncommented section (new item0) also not works

Edit 2: trying with hackintool under audio set the layout id from none (0) to 17 this has the effect a hanging screen over hdmi by the loading bar, but the machine are accessible over rdp