Is there an OpenFLIXR for Raspberry PI?


Looking to tinker with my fancy new 3B+. I’ve put Retropie on an SD got that going, (thanks to people here) got docket swarm going on it and my old 2Bs, and now I’m looking to do a Plex like media server. Just wanted to see if someone already has an image where everything is already built like OpenFLIXR. Anyone have suggestions?


yes, use dietpi and check their software section.


I had a similar question, thanks elradix!


Can you please explain what are the differences between the 3B and the 3B+?
Would appreciate a link to a 3B+ in Ali Express that I would be able to purchase from.

Also I am trying to follow you on the AlexaPi and I would be happy if you could recommand a cheap USB mic and USB speaker that I can use from Ali Express. and I remember that you mentioned a button - what kind of button?



The 3B+ is like a 3B that drank a little red bull. It has a ~17% faster CPU and way better WiFi. It does consume more power though but due to better power management and heatspreader it runs cooler. Other features include a future power over Ethernet. I don’t know yet if the new pi is available there at AliExpress. I will get back to you on that. I do know that has a Google assistant kit that will work with Alexa. That is $15.99 USD. That kit has a button speaker and controller. It has a mic too. is a good site for IOT. They ship world-wide and have good prices. The kit itself is from adafruit so quality is good.


Yes I have seen the Arrow Kit - looks cool but I am not in the US and even if I will try to make a delivery it will cost me extra 10$ inside US.
thought there would be a place in AliExpress that I can get the Mic-Speaker kit.