Junky HD 3450 and Other LAN game problems


I was tired of this old slow HD 3450 and I happened to want to play Minecraft on it. Worst experience ever. MSI afterburner brought it from 600mhz core, 500mhz memory to 730mhz core 530mhz memory. Now gets sub 30 FPS with settings down. Too bad the Optiplex 780 it happens to be in is SFF as I really want to slap a GTX 480 in it… Too bad the Dell does not have
a standard ATX 24pin power connector. So anyway Minecraft JAVA edition on Linux fails to host over the network. Any windows based PC will host Minecraft just fine after I allow JAVA network access. I don’t know how to change the firewall permissions at the computer level. The thing is, a Linux client will connect to a Windows Hosted game just fine. I know the computers ping each other just fine both ways. If I enter a invalid port number when attempting to connect to a Linux host it immediately errors out as expected. If I enter the port number Minecraft is hosted on, it will sit there for ~30 seconds and time out. So I know this has to do with permissions on the computer level and not my local firewall. I also have one other question, can I tell a LAN game for a given Minecraft world to always host on a particular port? Thanks for the help everyone.


could you tell me which distro are you using? I would first try to host the game with a disabled firewall an the machine. You should be able to deactivate the firewall with “sudo systemctl stop firewalld”. When you can connect to the hosted game with disabled firewall, you can open the port for Minecraft. To do so, insert “sudo firewall-cmd --zone=<your-configured-networkzone> --permanent --add-port=25565/tcp”. After that you have to start your firewall again with “sudo systemctl start firewalld”. I believe that your configure networkzone is “public”.


OpenSuse 42.3. What would be “your configured network zone”? So if I add a port how will I tell Minecraft to host on that port for now on?


The tcp port 25565 is the default port of Minecraft.


Thanks for the help, after not wanting to mess with my SuSe box I used Ubuntu on the dell and did that firewall exception. I also dropped the resolution way down and the HD 3450 can do sub 720p 30 FPS Minecraft. It still changes port numbers every time I load the world but that is no big problem.


Do you have a dedicated server on the HD 3450 or are you using a minecraft client and share that. With the “changing ports” I believe, that you are providing the game with a minecraft client. The changing ports are the default behaviour of minecraft with lan shared maps. I think that we cannot change the problem.


I was using it as a client as well as a host. Well it works great. Now I need an upgrade GPU. Maybe I will pick up a GT 1030.


Actually u should go for a 1050 (2GB) or 1050ti (4GB) don’t go for the 3GB variant. 1030 is OK but its not future proof . :wink:


I have a CPU bottleneck in this system. If I spent the $10 to get a C2Q Q6600 I would be able to use a 1050 Ti. The funny thing is, is the performance difference between a 1050 3GB and a 1050 Ti. Even though it does not have as much V-RAM it is actually slightly faster than a 1050 Ti. I will just wait for a good deal. I will find a good deal on a SFF GPU and get one. I have plenty of time and I am in no rush.