Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Monitor Mode

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The unofficial raspberry pi kali linux install. We are going to be using a unoffical image from re4son which was created specifically for the raspberry pi! This version also includes the nexmon patch for wifi monitoring mode!! Equipment List Raspberry Pi 3B+ ► Amazon | Ebay 7inch touch screen ► https://goo.gl/B1Rc2X 7inch touch ► https://goo.gl/Z54f9t…

Would it work on the RPi3B+ without any need to modify the image?
I could not follow exactly on the video. Is there a need to adjust the image for the Plus?

I am looking for the RPi3B+ on Ali Express and I could NOT find any :frowning:
would be happy if someone direct me to it - I want to use the new features.


does amazon work for you?

Nope! they do NOT deliver to my country.

Try the Pi Hut. If not look up the option of getting a freight forwarding service online. It will cost to have someone forward the mail but at least you can get some Pi where you live.

I will delete my question in the other place. Just now saw this topic. Btw couldn’t fine it via search.
I got a pi 3 b+ and installed kali via instructions on Google. I installed the raspberry arm of kali, the updated, upgraded and then installed kali full.
I went to test out the tool’s and found that it will not go into mon mode. Everthing else is good. I already tweaked it just like i wanted it but now this is wrong. I found your video on the stickyfingers image that helps with mon mode.
My question is, is there a way to switch out the kernel or something with the… Um driver’s/script that enables mon mode or do i need to just reformat sd and start over?
Also i don’t have a touch screen. Im using an old vga t.v. for my display and im not sure if stickyfingers would mess that up.

Edit: just found this.

Would this be where to start to install the software to enable monitor mode?

Going to give sticky a try. I missed the kernel.

Alright. Ive tried everthing. I don’t know how you appeared to do it so easy on your video but from what i see, it is not possible without a wifi adapter because the chipset in the pi even with the nexmon patch can not go into monitor mode.
Also there seems to be something confusing with the b+.
It’s supposed to have chipset bcm43455c0 right? Even that chipset isn’t able to use monitor mode but i digress. My chipset appears to be 43430 and it’s a b+ so are all b+ supposed to be the same or are they panning off old chips?

I’m very excited. I received my Alfa Wi-Fi adapter yesterday. It’s supposed to be compatible with the re4son kali kernel 4.9. Haven’t tried it yet because I’ve been ill but now that i have it and if it does work it brings me to another question. My goals are not to do anything illegal lmao. Is there a way to set up an internal networking system to practice and learn on? Via vm or extra routers? One day i want to have a career in pentesting. Ethical hacking but i don’t have access to a working lab.
I believe if you (me) don’t really know what the heck your doing it’s best to do it legally. I don’t know enough to protect my identity to practice in any real world environment and let’s face it, it’s harder to get a legit job if you have a criminal history.
Safety first fokes.

i just tried it again yesturday with my raspberry pi 3b+ and i got into monitoring mode with the image i talked about in the video… i really don’t know why there is a problem… i’m going to have to download the latest image and see if there are differences

Im thinking the error is most likely on my end. It’s ok tho because eventually I’ll get it right and learn a little extra along the way.
I have no regrets on getting the Alfa adapter and have the long range antenna coming soon. I’d probably had got that any way because like you said in your video, the pi’s range isn’t that good.

totally agreed!! those alfa adapters are great!

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Success haha. On to something new.

What model number alpha adapter you using? also any specific antenna?

This is the one i got and it comes with an antenna but i also ordered one that gets longer range. I live out in the middle of no where and when i used the supplied antenna it didn’t pick up much so im glad i ordered the other. It was only 10 buck’s. I’ll give it ago befor getting anything else.
Like i said im in the middle of no where and there’s wide spans of service gaps.

This is the one i got coming but i couldn’t tell you yet how well it work’s. I will update you on this if you want.

So i don’t really know what im looking at. Monitor mode is definitely working but im not getting what i expect when typing in airodump-ng. I get a few lines and it stays this way.

Any one else have a problem with pi freezing in command line?

I let elaspsed go to 30 minutes with no further results then just closed it out. Im not sure why it’s not even picking up one ap.

I turned off power management and did check kill. Now the pi isn’t freezing and im picking up ap.