Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Monitor Mode

did you set up a channel to listen to?

No not yet. I just let it switch just to see how it was working. I did see a good ap channel 6. I may later set it to 6.

Lol. I learn ass backwards. That’s why i don’t just jump into a course till i have a good grasp on what im doing. Any one can set up a Kali and type thing’s into a terminal. That’s where im at at the moment.
Now i have my kali fully operational except changing my screen resolution.
Once i do that im going to back up my micro card.
So now ive got mon0 working well. Now im studying what the outputs mean. Kinda backwards i think but hey, we all learn differently.

Has anyone used the previous pi with the re4son image?
I believe that’s just pi 3 or is it pi 3 b?
I want to buy one for my buddy but the pi b+ is a bit more expensive and was thinking if the previous would run just as well as my b+?

Is it possible to build a kali cluster with 4 raspberry pi’s? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find if it’s possible.

Are you trying to crack password and whatnot with several Pi’s? I found some things for John the Ripper here https://countuponsecurity.com/2015/05/07/step-by-step-clustering-john-the-ripper-on-kali/
I can imagine for whatever program you may try to run in a clustered environment you can look up how to install X program on debian (Kali is based on Debian and would run those programs just fine) the only hurdles you might encounter is security related stuff. For security reasons some features, system processes and programs aren’t allowed network access by default. You would need to open a port likely for communication with other Pi’s in the cluster otherwise the cluster program would error out because it can’t see it’s fellow buddies in the cluster. That is to the limited extent of my knowledge and is my two cents.

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I’m wanting to build a singular linux system and make it mobile more or less.
I find one raspberry very slow. I’ve been looking at external hard drive’s but then there’s the power supply issue.
I’ve ordered a money box that i plan on using as a casing for the portable pi. It’s limited in space but would fit 2 or maybe 3 pi’s comfortably.
I have one Alfa adapter so if i could find a way to combine the pi’s into one system that would be idea.

nice video and write up
I have now another SD micro card to my collection with Sticky Kali on it
LoL . :sunglasses:

Got my 7" screen and hooked it all up but it’s not working correctly. The resolution is not set right and i can’t figure out how to change it. I went into settings and tried moving it off default but nothing is selectable.

What screen is it? I am assuming it is a HDMI screen. There is a text file that you can edit that you can change the resolution in bootconfig.txt. Pull the SD card out and change it on another computer. You can also override outputs there and change resolutions. Put the card back in and see if it works.

Yes its an hdmi but i give up. Im done.

I have had problems with HDMI on occasion. Do you at least have readable text on the screen? Are you done with this project or that give you trouble screen?

I was just done with everthing last knight lol.
Dizzy from going around in circles and needed to just put the thing down befor grabbing a hammer.
I ened up downloading the newer re4son kernel with the tool’s display, locked myself out of the desktop and stuck in terminal. Got really mad and said screw it. I was up at 4 am, reformatted and installed the one im used to.
Ive got display and touch is working. The problem is i paid for a 7" and im getting 5" of display and the color is crappy.
I don’t do change very well so i knew id have problems with a smaller screen and line’s being out of place. Not having the full screen was just to much for one day.

That sounds like me I had a annoying problem with my lunchbox computer I built. The lattepanda got stuck to the screen and the release/clamp mechanism would not let go it’s ja was so I was stuck assembling the whole thing around that stupid fragile ribbon cable. getting the lattepanda in the box was the most painful 10 minutes of my life. I kept saying to myself if I screw this up I will kill a ~$40 screen+touch overlay and maybe the Lattepanda! But all is cool, it is in the box all safe and sound. Pretty good for 1 AM. I celebrated by going to bed. That seems to be the life of me. :roll_eyes:

Lol. Glad to see im not alone on that. I’ve come to the conclusion that yelling at my computer’s and eye balling the window is a completely normal part of the learning process. Just gotta know when you have been beat and walk away to plot your resurgence.
Did you post a pic about your lunch box set up?
I think i saw it and that prompted me to buy a cash box. All put together it looks unremarkable.
I’d be interested in seeing your builds.

We all have gone through moments of despair, building computers from scratch can led to some problems… More coffee no food up late - oh no…

Ron here is where to go to see commands

scroll down to where the title Install the TFT touch screen:
#1. commands for manual install however look at
#2. shows how to get into various screen types. with a scrolling window see if your screen that you purchased is located in there.
the command depends on which screen you own.
Example command to set up Adafruit PiTFT 3.5"
./re4son-pi-tft-setup -t 35r -d /root
in the scrolling window reveals what you need to use if your display is listed

hope this helps.

Thank you friend. It should work. It’s re4son’s design. I’ll definitely give it a try and let you know. As of right now im still missing 2" of my screen. Colors still bad but i can see it. It’s manageable and im thinking it’s a bad display. Seems this is a common problem. If anyone uses these kinds of displays, which one’s would you suggest?

I have the Adafruit PiTFT 3.5" from https://www.adafruit.com/

How hard is it to use? Id image 3" is hard to read and navigate?

its easy to install. hard to use
Lets say I like my GPD WIN X7-Z8750 better it has a 5.5 screen for a portable in the pocket machine its pretty cool

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