Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Monitor Mode


I like my nice 7in touch screen. Putting the digitizer on the lattepanda screen was a little tedious but yey, I got plug and play drivers. I do want a decent sized E-ink display for a a digital newsboard for my wall. The problem is is the larger ones get quite expensive. The 3 inch ones might be enticing for a mini desk sized phone/email notification center though.


Nice the lattepanda is really awesome.
My GPD Win X7-Z8750 has the same processor…


Hey @TaT The OG lattepanda has the X5-Z8350 (for a short time before a X5-Z8300). Your GPD win has a faster CPU. Passmark for your CPU is an average of 1944 and my CPU gets an average of 1281. So yours is quite a bit faster. I am surprised what that small of a CPU can do as almost all atoms have a TDP of less than 5w. Do you have the Lattepanda? I can’t wait for the new Alpha to come out has a core m3 7y30 is is like twice as fast. Pre-order ships in August.


Wow, I knew I liked my GPD a lot. I can play steam games on it, just plug it in on my TV using hdmi.
No I don’t have a lattepanda. I will have to look at the new Alpha. I find all this rather interesting…


You can Pre-order the Alpha from here like I did. https://www.dfrobot.com/product-1728.html
If you Pre-order it now you get a fan and a 45 watt USB C Power Adapter. The model in the link is the top of the line one with 8 GB of RAM, 64GB of EMMC and 2 m.2 Slots (only 1 usable for NVME or PCIe GPU, other for additional WiFi card) This one does not have Windows 10 activated but you can find a cheap product key somewhere. Windows 10 is installed on this one and there is full Linux compatibility. Compared to you GPD the CPU gets a Passmark of 3559 vs 1944. Almost twice as fast and 4k video output. (I would put an eGPU for games) You would have to wait a little until they start shipping. I got the Original 4g 64GB from that site last year and had no problems. Look at it’s performace when gaming with an eGPU. Video here–> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKchBNFBeTE
I might put a 1180 with mine when it comes out (Mining Cryptocurrencies) and then do gaming and development on the side. Yes I know there is a future bottleneck with the CPU but who cares. Mining only needs a PCIe 1x. A GTX 1080 is only bottlenecked in bandwidth to 96% of full power with PCIe 4x and the CPU would bottleneck before that.


Hey @ RaspberryPiGuy, thanks for the info and links.
That is very interesting.


That’s an awesome board. Out of my price range but one could dream.


When I first booted Kali on the rpi3b+, the visible screen was also smaller than the screen itself, so I opened up the config.txt on the /boot partition with a text editor and made this line look like this: disable_overscan=1

then reboot.

Overscan is a safety measure when the system cannot detect the screen’s resolution properly, so it leaves a portion of it unused, black.

This could be your problem.