KiMax BS-U35WF - using Windows Only

Bought this thing few weeks ago. Since then cannot get it working. Thought the problem is with the item and meantime bought another piece. Same result
Two different PCs do not detect the box via USB at all. Via ethernet cable I can see the drive, can see the the size (500GB) but cannot do any changes within folders because of permissions. I cannot change those permissions either.
Please help

if anybody needs KIMAX -H1 BS-U35WF 1.7.5 firmware version and apks, download from here:

i installed the firmware KIMAX -H1 BS-U35WF 1.7.5 firmware version successfully from the above link however the usual passwords to login no longer work. do u have any ideas on what the default password is for that firmware?

I use the password “kimax” and works ok.

I do. Bought my device from them. Working fine.

My Arlo Camera System Hub (VMB4540) has a USB port for connecting an external drive for local recording. I’m wondering if I connected the BS-U35WF USB 3 port to my Arlo Hub whether the Arlo Hub would recognize it as a USB drive?
The Arlo Hub requires the external drive to be formatted in FAT32. Will the BS-U35WF work with FAT32?
Will the BS-U35WF allow me to access files on its drive via Ethernet or WiFi while the USB 3 port is connected to a host (the Arlo Hub)?
My purpose in this configuration is better remote access to local Arlo recordings.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Hi, I need your help…

I bought this Blueendless Kimax U35WF and what I wanted to do was stream music and videos to my Raspberry Pi, but the speeds are so slow that I just can’t whatch, the stream stops every 15 seconds.

Someone has a good experience streaming?
Do you have any idea how to solve this low speed? If I change the firmware the speed gets better?

Thank you very much

I finally got it to work as you described it. In the end I needed port forwarding.

  1. Scanned all services using advanced port scanner while connected to its wifi. Found that it had samba at a few ports, ftp and http server.
  2. Configured port forwarding between its internal network (192.168.169) and the externnal ip on my main network for each of those ports.

I tried creating a static route and also changing the 169 network to match my main network but failed at that.

just to add to this as i fought this battle all night last night. sometimes the cache holds a wrong hard coded username. Clear cache or use a different browser. kimax should work.

I fought the same issue. turns out that the username is hardcoded in the javascript files. when you upgrade firmware, it keeps the cached file with the wrong username. Try a different browser or clear cache. or hard code the javascript username to admin and password kimax using the inspection console on chrome.