LattePanda Alpha 10.15.4 m3-8100y Opencore setup


Where can I send you my config.plist?

I have run through OC Sanity Checker and corrected some things, but still just black screen after picking the USB Stick from Bios Boot.

kasek#7921 on discord you can send to me there, and yes the -v would go on the boot args. send it over and depending when i get it ill take a look tonight or tomorrow

I put in a friend request. Accept and I can send the plist tomorrow.

tried adding “igfxonln=1” to the boot flags, but don’t see any difference…

@Kasek curiously, I too can turn off the tv and turn on and video from the LPA thru HDMI is OK,… but if it powers off by it self (several hours can pass, first LPA goes to screen saver a while, finally tv powers off), then cannot power on and get video back… same after adding the boot flag above :man_shrugging:

  • if you are having sleep/hibernate problems make sure you do the usb mapping and then in terminal type the following:
    -> sudo pmset hibernatemode 0
    -> sudo pmset standby 0
    -> sudo pmset autopoweroff 0

Did you do that above there? From the official guide they recommend that. I also turned off sleep so my panda doesn’t power off so I’m not sure it just stays on the screen saver


Cool! Although I am pretty sure this is not the problem I am having, as I can enter via screen sharing from another computer even when the LPA does not show video on the tv… when I do this, I see the screen saver scrolling, and the password field, so the issue is more between the rx vega 64 and the hdmi of the tv…

I have modified these power parameters to all be off, as well as system sleep (just in case!), and I will revise the issue over the next few days :wink:

in any case I will try and watch out for when exactly the tv powers off, after how long with the screen saver present, and also if I can turn off the power for more and more time before no longer being able to get video back, to try and id if it is the tv (as I suspect) or the LPA - if it is the tv, maybe there is some parameter in the tv settings that auto-shuts down after a few hours w/o any remote input…:thinking:



@fredflinston - Just FYI, I didn’t do any of sudo pmset and haven’t had any issues with hibernation etc. There is a whatevergreen bootflag (igfxonln=1) that came with the latest release. I found I needed this when upgraded to 15.4 so that monitor would come back from sleep. But other than this (and only this for 15.4 not 15.3) had no sleep issues. Maybe they could have something to do with the fake kexts - I haven’t used any of these. What SMBIOS are you using? I had similar HDMI audio success on 15.3 but not on 14,3.

Thanks for all your help, my LP 8100y is working really well now.
512gb SSD
HDMI/3.5 Audio working, only 3.5 allows volume control via OS
WIFI/BT work with BCM94360NG card installed.

OpenCore 0.5.7

im very glad we got it working for you! i am very happy as well because that further verifies the fact that my 3.5mm jack is faulty even tho the manufacture keeps trying to tell me my 2 pairs of headphones and speaker are to blame on windows and mac… i just installed ubersicht with a calendar, matrix, memory bar, netspeeds and time machine widget. Need to get my pi hole running and then i can monitor that from my mac as well. I also removed the -v from my config last week so it looks more like a normal mac during boot up
still to do:
adjustable hdmi audio (endless hole lol)
filevault (not sure i should do until mapping done)
usbmapping (1 of my ports died need repaired first)
boot chime (not working currently)
gui background (not working for some reason)

I was looking further at the post ijnstall guide and wondering if any of you know the answer to the following or have tried the following yet.

I started the fixing DRM page i passed the Hardware acceleration and passed fairplay 1.x and 2.x failed 3.x adn 4.x are others seeing the same result? Im going ot try and do the fix tomorrow if i have rttime.
edit: so we cant do the fix as its for AMD only, anyone able to play amazon prime videos? if you open the apple tv+ and try and watch a show will it play it? Mine goes to open the episode and the window closes right away

CFG Lock Fix anyone know if this is something we need to do?

anyone done the fixing power management?

so i got adjustable audio working on hdmi, it isnt “the proper” way but it works and that makes me happy. you do need to install other software however. I will add it to the bottom of the fist post

will add note for updating to opencore 0.5.8 please pay attention to this. I will update the guide better when i have more time

Nice write up, mine here is specifically aimed at the lattepanda alpha single board computer. The owner of this forum has a YouTube video about it so I made the guide here so if people need help they can find it. It’s nice to see more documentation on this for sure as there is a lot of steps and a lot of technical things behind it.

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I have updated to 10.15.5 with no issues

@Kasek Thanks for posting this guide. I’ve been trying to get my LPA m3-8100y to boot without luck for the past few days and have tried the guide one too many times to count. Could you post your config.plist so I can compare it to mine? Any special UEFI settings I should be mindful of? Thanks!

The installer gets stuck at the apple logo and booting in verbose mode it gets stuck at IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0

Hey I’m sorry to hear your struggling @einz do you happen to have discord? I found it easier to discuss and trouble shoot on there. Unfortunately I won’t post my config as I want to promote others learning so they can update and know how to make changes. If you send me yours I can look at it and compare and help you figure out where you went wrong. I didn’t have to change uefi settings and I’m not sure what that error is… comparing the config we should figure it out

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link to SSDT-PLUG is not working

Hey sorry about that I’ll fix it when I get home from work

Successful boot with errors; no schema for protectcsmregion at 8 index, context ! and no schema for requestbootvarfallback at 7 index, context !

It advances after a few moments and then when I try to boot the installer I instantly get prohibitory symbol.


Is “Big Sur” installing?

Not sure, I just received my panda back the other day and am working on getting opencore 0.6.0 working. After that I may try and install big sur. If I get it running I’ll post back

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