Lattepanda Alpha Hackintosh Geekbench Performance

I installed Majove 10.14.3 on the Lattepanda as described in novaspirits youtube tutorial. Including the bios setup. Everything is running fine and i’m really really happy. Thank you very much for the tutorial and the clover files.
However, when i run geekbench I get a single-core score of 2797 and a multi-core score of 5911.
In this youtube a multi-core score of 6309 is reached.
And in this forum post a multi-core score of 6541 is reached.
Running HWMonitor with the FakeSMC from RehabMan, shows, that the cpu clock will never go higher than 2.1 GHz. Under Ubuntu the CPU runs up to 2.6GHz, and scores 6600 for multi-core in geekbench
Does anybody else have these “weak” scores?
What could be the reason for these differences? Different Clover Settings? Different Bios Settings?

Thanks for any hint.

This is what should be expected.

Mine were

Geekbench Score

2841 Single-Core Score

5922 Multi-Core Score

As for comparing it to Ubuntu, maybe there are built in limits for the CPU due to the thermal design and stability of the chip which were inherited from systems using the same chipset… Apple doesn’t really sell water-cooled systems, and therefore sometimes under clock boost speeds for thermal / battery life savings.

hey guy’s I also just run Geekbench look at the score of my hack panda


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Hi guys, mine are much slower…