Lattepanda Alpha Hackintosh mojave intel m3 7y30 install


I will update this topic with more detail as i go along, please review the video for installation

macpanda updates 2.1

download location

2.1 (11/13/18) - Version 2.1 (working 10.14.1 & hdmi audio)

Removed all unnecessary kext
included clover pkg 4722 installer
*hdmi audio working
*fixed edid for monitor detection (no more pink screen issue)
updated all kext to latest version
tested with fresh install of 10.14.1

2.0 - in the works
fixed igpu drivers and removed edid for monitor detection
fixed pink screen issue
hdmi audio
removed unnecessary kext

1.2 (pre-released)
graphic fix for 10.14.1
removed voodoo.kext from efi (breaks sleep, requires manual install instead)
added voodoo pkg for manual install

added audio using voodoo

version 1:
initial release


hi i have some questions is the onboard audio working without voodoo stuff and what chip does it uses ALC269VB for instance or a other one