Lattepanda Alpha Hackintosh mojave intel m3 7y30 install

Has anyone been able to get bluetooth to work on 10.14.3? I did a fresh install today (since I just received my 800) and for some reason I can’t connect my bluetooth peripherals. Additionally, has anyone tried FileVault on these systems? Happily typing away now on my 800, just regrettably using a wired keyboard…

Sure BT works well on MacPanda, BUT not the onboard Intel one (I had to disable it in Bios). For a proper BT and WiFi, one needs to buy an original bcm94360cs2 Apple card (or newer) plus a M2-to-Apple converter. (To be very precise I tested Apple Magic Mouse and KB on 10.14.2 need to check if it still works on 10.14.3).
What WiFi / BT card did you choose?

Thanks for the Feedback Jimmod, I just got in my hands some Fresh 800 and 864 Lattepandas today! Will be trying an install over the weekend. Any tips on the most up to date install?

So Don’s video still works as well as all the command line arguments he walks you though. Just make sure you have the latest clover, the latest OS X (and the full installer)

Don’s Clover:
How to get the full mojave installer, not the 22mb stub:

In Don’s latest clover you do not need to do the plist changes since the new kext driver fixes monitor issues.

Finally as don mentions on GitHub, you should enable iDisplay Audio if you would like HDMI audio.

Can anyone run MacOS with 4k resolution???

I managed to get HiDPI 1080p@60Hz which is actually 4k(3840x2160). I wanted to get HiDPI 1440p which is actually 5k(5120x2880). Now we have a question, does Intel HD 615 support 5k? I did a quick search but I couldn’t find an answer.

EDIT: I checked on Windows, too. the HiDPI 1440p is possible but it’s based on 4k(3840x2160) @ 150%. macOS implemented 1440p to use 5k(200%). macOS has limited magnifying(?) options than that of Windows(125%, 150% etc). The max resolution in Windows is 4k as well.

EDIT2: My HiDPI 1080p wasn’t truly HiDPI even though the system told me like that. I tested with my real MacBook Pro on the same monitor. There is quality difference. LP Alphas is not outputting 4k. So, my best guess is that this has to be fixed in kext level…

Ok nice. How did you do that?

I guess it doesn’t matter. The system says that in the screenshot but what I’m seeing is not HiDPI. Sorry for the confusion.

Ok, to be clear, you can set your Display to 4k but without HiDPI?
I can only select 2k.

Hi slop,
You are correct. I played with EDID and SwitchResX. I managed to see the options such as 3840x2160, 2560x1440 but they were very low quality. I think they were upscaled from 1080p. So, my question to you is your 2k looked fine? Mine was almost unusable, texts were very blurry.

How did you do that?
My 2k is also very blurry.

Hi slop!
I started another thread for 4k support.

Have you upgrade the Latte Panda alpha Hakintosh from 10.14 to newer versions? any issues?

Hi Don…

I am trying to get hold on the LattePanda Alpha 864s – Tiny Ultimate Windows / Linux Device (Pre-order) which you have recommended in your youtube link…
However, they are changing the actual processor for the original intel 7th M3-7y30 version to the Intel 8th M3-8100y… will your EFI still work???
Please let me know…

Thanks a million… and thanks for your informative videos

I have the Lattepanda alpha never owned a MAC but I think it be neat to see it running on this. I do have a apple account from a iTouch I have. A Model MD718LL/A.

So is there a way to install like download a IOS to put on a USB drive to install it?

Thank you.

-Raymond Day

Yes - go and have a look at the detailed thread I have created here:

Why would the Lattepanda Alpha crash when opening a folder in Finder?
It seems like it is crashing often lately and for no obvious reason. I would like to start with what should be installed to see if I can remove anything that is known to cause issues. I’m not sure where to find this information. Thank you in advance.

Hi…in my case I was able to successfully install OSX Mojave right out of the box- no settings changed in the bios, using a Unibeast 9 installer USB.After Installation I have everything working as expected, with the exception of the internal graphics HD 615 and sound.
I installed the latest version of Clover and a few kexts, and now have it booting without using the install usb. More on the kexts and settings later, because I may need some help with the graphics issue.

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I have followed your instructions on the triple boot and am currently running win10, Ubuntu and mojave with nearly everything working flawlessly. Love your work. Only issue i have is trying to use the 7" idp touch screen in, in mojave the screen works however i have yet to find any way to get the touch to work.