Lattepanda Alpha Hackintosh mojave intel m3 7y30 install

Why would the Lattepanda Alpha crash when opening a folder in Finder?
It seems like it is crashing often lately and for no obvious reason. I would like to start with what should be installed to see if I can remove anything that is known to cause issues. I’m not sure where to find this information. Thank you in advance.

Hi…in my case I was able to successfully install OSX Mojave right out of the box- no settings changed in the bios, using a Unibeast 9 installer USB.After Installation I have everything working as expected, with the exception of the internal graphics HD 615 and sound.
I installed the latest version of Clover and a few kexts, and now have it booting without using the install usb. More on the kexts and settings later, because I may need some help with the graphics issue.

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I have followed your instructions on the triple boot and am currently running win10, Ubuntu and mojave with nearly everything working flawlessly. Love your work. Only issue i have is trying to use the 7" idp touch screen in, in mojave the screen works however i have yet to find any way to get the touch to work.