[LattePanda Alpha Hackintosh] Power Consumption in Sleeping Mode


Hi guys,

I measured the power consumption during sleeping.
With Windows, the sleep(not hibernation) consumes very low energy.
15V 0.08A ~ 1W

However, with MacPanda, it consumes a lot of energy and the board is very warm even when it has been sleeping for 10 hours.
15V 0.3A ~ 5W

The fix is very simple. Just enable C2, C4, C6, and C7 in SSDT section in Clover Configurator.
After this, I got similar energy consumption during sleeping as in Windows.

I measured for 10 hr 12 mins, it consumed 639mAh which equals to 9.60Wh.
Hope this helps someone choosing battery capacity for LP Alpha.



Wait… it’s not working anymore! I haven’t figured out what went wrong yet,


I have some info on the power consumption of the lattepanda. It appears there is one particular chip that even when the board is powered off it shows up quite warm under a thermal camera. I have yet to get the number of the chip but it is between the HDMI and the USB C on a power circuit. That one chip seems to be responsible for all the vampire drain. I’m surprised how hot it was even after being powered off for several hours. I will send a picture when I get it off the camera.