LattePanda Alpha, M.2 Wifi Card Won't Stay In


I purchased one of the cards that was linked in the description of the original hackintosh video and can’t get it to fit quite right. It fits perfectly in the M.2 Key E slot, but there’s no screws to keep the card held down (the only available screw on the board is for an 80 mm card, and every wifi card I’ve seen is 25mm at most).

I was wondering if anyone knew of any solutions to keep the card held in place? I can’t 3d print a case yet, and they haven’t released the titan case for this device, so I can’t do either of those.

I saw that Don had a card the same size as mine in his video at 1:46, but doesn’t really show how he attached it to the device or kept it in place.


I believe Don mentioned a 3d-printed holder needed, similar to the one he used for his ssd in the other slot. I will likely cut some piece of plastic or aluninium, when mine cards arrive.


i did the same thing but i ended up 3d printing a piece to hold it down


Thank you!
That’s what I was looking for…

On a related - and unrelated - subject…
What would be a good 3D printer to buy that doesn’t cost an eye and a leg that I should by for Black Friday? :wink: