LattePanda Alpha M1 Case

So I spent then weekend working on a prototype case for the lattepanda alpha, it’s still in the works and I still have a few minor adjustments to make but i have been posting all my progress on my twitter. further more there will be a few different variation M1 which is the case your looking at now, M2 will be about 10mm~ or so taller (still in the works) which will allow for ssd under the lattepanda, and M3 which will be bigger overall( still in the works) which will allow to move all the usb3 cables to the back using usb3 extension cables. i will also do different variations of the lid to also allow usage of GPIO.

At first sight — a very nice looking box design. I am bit worried however about the thermal parameters. My Alpha (in the open space) tends to get really hot, especially at the bottom, same as the evo 970 ssd itself. Consequently we may need an extra air duct hole(s) above the usb slots (at some cost of good looking). Are you planning them in the lid? How to ensure air flow under the board?
Alternatively, I was thinking about a vertical design, with some large air intake at the bottom and the usb slots w/ holes at the top.

the bottom does have airhole

but i stil havn’t had a chance to fully test the heat yet. i will be soon that’s why i didn’t release the design files yet.

also i will be working on a new version the M4 where it will be like a mini replica to the MacPro, the one that looks like a trashcan LOL

Can you make it look like a classic Mac Pro? (Looks like a cheese grader) Then you can put an additional fan to help cool the board as it runs hot.

Hi Don,

Great case!
What did you use for the power button?

I’ve seen in the video you mentioned connecting to the GPIO ports, but I’m interested where to buy the actual button itself. Would you mind in sharing a link where to find it?

Thanks in advance!

As a side note, i’ve used this case :

But to be honest it’s not a very good one :

  • top in my situation is not usable / clippable (the motherboard takes a few extra millimeters, preventing the top part to be put in place)
  • the on/off button is difficult to access