Lattepanda alpha no mic/audio


Mojave 10.14.4 new install not upgrade
Hdmi audio is ok, but if disabled and want to use the audio combo port no audio device recognized and no mic in
Used an headset with mic from iPhone


you will need to install voodoo for 3.5 port to work


Hi I use a patched DSDT.aml to inject layout id for appleHDA and don’t use voodoo and it works fine I can switch audio output from HDMI to Headset output and vice versa here is my DSDT.aml


Thanks for offering this file. I will look into how to integrate it with my LP Alpha too.


Im noob, could you please help me with required steps.

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sure you need to place the DSDT.aml file in a folder named patched under the folder ACPI in your CLOVER folder and in clover configurator add the name of the DSDT.aml file under the ACPI tab of the program and save your clover config.plist file and then you should be good to reboot .