LattePanda Alpha USB-C to HDMI Display issue


Hi there,

This is not a Hackintosh issue but I’d like to ask fellow users of LP Alpha if they’re having the same issue.
I have USB-C hubs that have several USB-A ports, an HDMI port, and a power input USB-C port.
So, basically, if you just connect a single wire(USB-C), the powering and displaying in addition to transferring data are all enabled at once.

The issues I’m having,
(1) Flickering pixels at random location
(2) Jiggling of the bottom half of the screen

I tested on two monitors(4k, FHD) and two USB-C hubs(different models).
I also observed the above problems in the boot logo screen, so I think it’s a hardware problem.

I’m wondering it’s just mine that is faulty or it’s an inherent problem by mal-design.