Lattepanda Hackintosh no Bluetooth With Apple airport card

Hi everyone! I’ve managed to install Mojave 10.14.6 in my LP alpha and it works like a charm! There is only one functionality that is not working: bluetooth! I think this is weird because I’m using a Macbook airport card+adapter (just like Don showed once in his twitter) and wifi works great! The airport card I’m using is a BCM943224PCIEBT2 and I thought it should had worked out of the box… When I say “it doesn’t work” I mean that it is recognized as present by the system but it doesn’t find (neither is found) by any bt device nearby. Any suggestions?

Disable bluetooth in bios.

Hi zmrasim! I have already tried it. I’ve got the 8100Y version and the bios doesn’t have any specific bluetooth disabling feature. I have disabled the wifi card already (perhaps it disables automatically the bluetooth too) but I don’t know if it is enough. But thanks anyway for the effort!

I had the same problem with my BCM94360CS2. Wifi worked fine, but bt showed up and seemed to see my BT devices but could never connect. I managed to kill my card adaptor before doing much more investigation so now waiting for a new one (from China)… Are you using opencore or clover? Any luck resolving?

Not at all man, I reinstalled mojave on it to see if a fresh install would perhaps fix it, but had no luck. I havent tried anything else, but as soon as i have some free time i will. Good luck with the new board from china!

Just to follow-up. Got my new adaptor for BCM94360CS2 and both bt and wifi work fine. Not sure what happened previously, and only had a super brief test, but does work fine. I did have a little bit of trouble connecting keyboard. Ended up plugging in, then registered and now connects fine every time.

Hey, sorry for the long time no replying, this whole covid thing really messed up my routine and I had to reinvent myself for the last months. Anyway, I’ve connected some new pair of antennas to my airport card (don’t really know why I thought of doing this at this point neither why I didn’t think of it earlier) and I suddenly worked perfectly! I thought the original antennas were fine because only the bluetooth wasn’t working, the wi-fi worked like a charm and the bluetooth devices I tried to connect it to weren’t connecting even when I was extremely close to them for test purposes. This solves the issue, simpler than I ever imagined. Again, sorry for not replying, I see that your setup also worked and I\m glad we both have full running gear! Have a nice day and stay safe!