Lattepanda starting out questions

Hey looking to get a lattepanda in the new year and make a hackintosh. I was wanting to do the following and need to know if it’s possible.

  1. Can I run Latte panda 864 with windows 10 on the emmc 64gb?
  2. Install a nvme 1tb ssd partitioned into 2 sections 500gb for windows and 500gb for macOS?
  3. Is catalina updated and fully working or should I stick to Mojave?
  4. If I get one of these airport cards: Airport card
    And one of these adapters: Adapter
    Can I still use an nvme ssd?
  5. If yes to the above is that all I need to get wifi and Bluetooth working like a Mac?
  6. Do AirPods connect and text messages come through from my phone?

Thanks can’t wait to get this project working in reality

Hi Kasek,

  1. Yes. I have also Win10 on the internal emmc. Dual boot with Clover. One thing to change (other than BIOS settings and all the Hackintosh-ing effort) was a registry setting to convince windows that RTC clock was a universal time. Otherwise I suffered clock time difference depending on my boot sequence.
  2. Yes. I use Samsung SSD 970 EVO 500GB partitioned 50%/50% Windows vs MacOS Mojave.
  3. I use Mojave, but seems my forum colleagues succeeded with Catalina - need to read through their posts.
  4. I do use such a card with excellent results. You put NVME drive in one slot and the Wifi adapter in the other. They have different keys (plastic thumbs) - so rather no mistake can be made.
  5. Disable Intel wifi completely in Bios to prevent Intel card damage when working without any antenna. Get a Broadcom wifi drivers instead for your Windows from the Bootcamp package or from Internet.
  6. No clue, but the BT works very smooth out-of-the-box.

I assume you watched carefully both Novaspirit’s youtube videos on Hackintosh-ing LattePanda (the first one was

Good luck with your project. Have fun.

I saw the clock thing in another post so I’ll keep that in mind. I’m thinking I might go with a 500gb and split it so that’s good to know. I’ve read a few posts about Catalina being installed and just wasn’t sure how “stable” it was compared to Mojave, I know there is always the chance of it crashing or whatever. I thought that for the card but wanted to clarify so that’s good. Would you recommend getting some antennae’s or is the connection pretty good with the ones that it comes with? I ha e watched both nova spirits videos in full a couple times just to wrap My head around it, I’ll definitely be watching it as I install all this.

Do you happen to have the titan case for yours?

Thanks for all the info I really appreciate it.

The lattepanda antennas are quite poor but doing the job in my room.
I do have also the Titan case. It is a no go for the MacPanda project as the Airport (with the adapter) will not fit. You will need to 3d-print a case e.g. from Thingiverse or better use some metal case, keeping the antennas outside. Consider vertical mounting of the board to create natural air-duct.
Note the NVMe drive will create lot of heat too.

I appreciate you responding back, I’m trying to figure out everything before I purchase so I can order everything I need. I found this case and really like it and I think I should be able to add the wifi card and possibly a ssd heatsink hoping. This is the case:

It says it’s compatible with a display stand for the 7” screen but can’t figure out which one it is. I was wanting to get the latte panda 7” touch screen for portability but I have yet to see a case for it and no access to a 3D printer unfortunately.

The metal case you chosen looks very interesting. I use an LG 4k stationary monitor, that also powers my Panda via USB-C. This give me a clean single cable setup. Keyboard and mouse can be either connected to the monitor or linked via Bluetooth.