Looking for SBC


Looking for a small sbc with usb(preferably unsoldered), wifi, lipo management and 1gb of ram.


What CPU do you want? A53, A72? I think there are some orange pi boards have a lipo built in and most have WiFi. I still don’t trust them due to quality issues. I really don’t remember any boards that have is headers but you can check a list of all common SBCs. Here is Linuxgizmos, they have a large list and pictures of SBCs and specs. http://linuxgizmos.com/january-2018-catalog-of-hacker-friendly-sbcs/


Thanks for that.
I don’t really have a choice cpu wise yet.

By the way, I have 3 opi PCs that run 24x7 and I have never had a problem, just make sure to put heat sinks on the cpus!


I might try an orange pi some time. Reviews are either positive or don’t buy. School work is more important for me anyways. Besides I forked over the money for a Lattepanda Alpha 864 and am waiting for it to arrive. Got an RX580 ready for it. And a eGPU dock of course.