LP Alpha Expansion - SATA To USB Adapters

Hey there, I’m looking at purchasing some SATA to USB add-ons for my LattePanda build, and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with this. I’ll share the add-ons I’m looking at getting, but I’m generally interested to hear about any SATA to USB components being used with the LP.

There are two particular adapters I’m looking at. The first one is a NGFF M.2 to a 15/22 pin SATA PCB adapter, than a SATA to USB A cable. The goal is to find another way to add a WIFI card, because my setup is currently using a USB WIFI adapter, and on the MacOS side its awfully unreliable.

The second one is just for fun, but I’m looking at attaching a slim 5V internal optical drive (CD/DVD/BluRay) that I have on hand. The model is R/W compatible.

My current setup has two means of power. I have a 300w PSU, and a 10 pin Li-polymer battery. I’m primarily booting off the PSU, but I’m hoping that when I do boot off the battery power, that the adapters power consumption won’t cause the LP to crash. I definitely won’t be trying to write to any discs while powered off the battery. And I’m not too concerned with the overall speed performance of these add-ons.

i have a ssd nd the apple wifi card for my 2 m2 slots. I ended up getting a sata to usb enclosure for a 1tb hdd that i used to install all my windows programs and games on

I found a MIni PCI-E to USB adapter that I’m going to try out, which would be more streamline than the MSATA adapters I was looking at. But that’s definitely an option if this adapter doesn’t pan out.