M3-7y30 Model LP - BluDread UPDATE (not clean install) Mojave to Catalina Complete Working Guide

no it’s not necessary the installer will mount and dismount it

OK - should I check the “Save to Desktop” option?

yeah that’s the easiest way to do it

OK - so I had already manually DL’ed the latest version from https://github.com/CloverHackyColor/CloverBootloader/releases

So what is the difference between DL’ing it manually and DL’ing it using Clover Configurator? Any difference?

EDIT: Ahhhhh … nevermind … i see the difference … it autoruns basically and sees the location of the EFI whereas running the manually DL’ed Clover does not see the EFI location

So now … I select MacPanda (the internal M.2) as the install location instead of the USB as one would when creating a bootable installer correct

yes that’s the correct way to do it you can also install and update the efi drivers that way

hold on hold on! Slow down!!! :slight_smile:

So can you tell me exactly which options I need to Customise for the new Clover install please?

That is … what needs a tick in the checkbox (and anything to uncheck?)?

(apologies for my requirement of hand holding through this)

yeah ok

hope you can see the checkboxes

I can see them :+1:

I will (carefully) start now!

Was about to try using your CLOVER to manually assess but this is even better - give me 5 minutes to ensure I get these correct and I’ll get back to you again

OK then - I have ensured all checkboxes marked as you have them marked so I guess the only thing left to do with this part of things is hit the Install button!

Alrighty - Clover v2.5k_r5104 installation completed and have closed out of Clover (Clover Configurator still open at this point).

What next mate?

I would change your clover config.plist file on the efi partition you can mount it with clover configurator and open the folder and make a copy first of the config.plist file

and then copy the kext folder contents to the kext folder

Again … n00b here! :blush:

Can you walk me through it please?

So first … mount the EFI and make a copy of config.plist to the Desktop … then?

not to the desktop but in the same directory before you make change other wise when you boot clover and the new config.plist doesn’t work you can fallback to the old one.
then you can copy my config.plist to the clover directory

OK done that - renamed config 2.plist to config_old.plist


because editing takes long time you can best copy my shared config.plist file to your efi clover folder

OK - So simply copy your config.plist and overwrite existing config.plist at mounted EFI -> CLOVER dir correct

yep and afterward modify the kext other folder with the kext files that are in the folder I shared with you and then you should be able I think to install Catalina

Alrighty - give me a couple of minutes and I’ll get back to you

OK - done everything you have said.

A difference that I still notice though is that my mounted EFI -> CLOVER folder still seems to have created extra files as opposed to what was in your CLOVER folder.

For example:

  • there is still an ACPI dir
  • there is still a drivers64 dir
  • there is still a drivers64UEFI dir etc

Does this mean i have still done something wrong?

no those are normal folders needed by clover

OK - just to be sure before i go for REBOOT - I am about to upload my new CLOVER folder to MEGA.

Give me a second and I’ll post a link if you wouldn’t mind having a quick look over it before i take the plunge …