macOS Catalina 10.15

That’s to bad, was really hoping but glad I got the rest figured out thanks a bunch…

Side note did my config look ok? I had made a post on olarila forums as well and the guy said my config file was very wrong

I don’t know i don’t have a new model of LP Alpha but you can always try to tweak your hackintosh
with the right info
i just saw this show up on the forum

maybe you can find more stuff over there for your type of processor all though thread carefully and make a backup of a working clover config.plist file before you make changes to it :slight_smile:

thanks ill take a look


I updated to 10.15.3, everything is fine but my Wireless Wi-Fi BCM94360CS2 card is off and it does not turn on. What do you suggest.

check if you correctly installed the brcom drivers

Does anyone know, I’m trying to get Bluetooth on my windows side. I installed the Broadcom drivers for wifi and Bluetooth for my Apple Card. The wifi work but the Bluetooth won’t detect my AirPods. Both work fine on the Apple side. When you disable the built in on-board wifi chip does that also disable the Bluetooth for the LattePanda’s actual chip? Any idea how to get my Bluetooth working on windows side?

Can you give a driver link?

Hey @ender, the BCM94360CS2 should be a “native” MacOS card and should not require drivers. I, too, have this card and it worked right out of the box. To be clear, you needed and adapter to attach this card correct? If you’re using a different Broadcom card, you can follow this repo to include the correct drivers/kexts:

Also look at my guide to see how I got a working setup going. @BluDread linked it a few posts above: macOS Catalina 10.15

When you disable the built-in chip it disables everything on the onboard chip. But then, you should have bluetooth working from the Apple Card if you installed the drivers correctly.

Maybe I didn’t install the driver properly then… where is best place to get it boot camp?

Side not the plugs on the side of the board that are labeled USB is it possible to add a USB port with that. I need one more for convenience.

“Alpha 864s” definitely requires an adapter, how do you use it?

You just plug the adapter into the m.2 e key slot and then the wifi card into the adapter. Super easy

Perhaps resetting NVRAM and PowerManagement file might help. You can reset NVRAM by pressing F11 in the Clover boot menu. PowerManagement file is /Library/Preferences/* . Once you delete it and restart will reset.

USB port

Would getting these work to add a couple extra USB ports? Could I just soldier wires to that and then get pins for the gpio (I think is what it’s called) and plug it into the USB section? Do those always have power and data or only sometimes. Hoping for extra USB ports internal to my case for Mac and windows

Works😁 I made pin to USB port adapter.

Note LPA pin arrangement is GND, D-, D +, 5V. However, the USB port is GND, D +, D-, 5V.

Do you have to do anything special to enable it or just plug and play?

it is plug and play.

Sweet now I need to find a USB port, or just disassemble something lol.

What are you guys doing for cooling? I was thinking a few of those small heatsink for on top off the USB ports (they get quite hot). Maybe a couple more for the chip near the Ethernet port and the chip near the USB-c one for the wifi/Bluetooth chip. It just seems like this thing runs hot even idling here

EFI file is for LPA800 (m3-7Y30). Clover version is r5104.!Au5qefgayaP3siHpkuHaDFkGBNji?e=5zdUAz