Macpanda eDP 7" touchscreen enable

Hi there! Newbie here and recently I managed to install Mojave on my Lattepanda Alpha, thanks to Novaspirit’s detailed video. By now, I have everything up and running smoothly (even the native wifi via the and itlwm.kext), except the touchscreen. I wonder if anyone managed to enable touchscreen with VoodooI2C or somehow anyway. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I personally don’t have this screen but am interested in the answer to know for future project

Hi there!! Finally, my MacOS Lattepanda has the 7"eDP touch function enabled!! By now I run BigSur, with totally no issues. Luckily enough, I stumbled upon the Chuwi mini-book EFI. I tried it because of the similar hardware and made the bootloader flash drive. What a miracle!! It worked from the first time, albeit afterward, I had to adjust few things by myself. Credits to “Balopez83” for the fine job he did. Below is the link.

Also, be sure to update your BIOS.

Trying to link now but doesn’t want to boot for me yet