Macpanda - Hackintosh no macbook

Hi guys i’m newbie about hackintosh , so sorry if this is not the perfect question, but i need help.
There’s a way to flash mojave without a mac?
can i just download all files and create a bootable flash drive?

And as a non native english speaker, there’s a full tutorial (not in video) for the latest lattepanda alpha?

You can build a bootable drive with windows can’t remember the name off the top of my head I can look it up when I get home.

I have the guide I wrote up for Catalina on the panda but it only goes to opencore 0.5.8 I stopped supporting it as I don’t want to encourage others to buy a panda

So, can you to provide me the guide?

but first , why you say :


Last post explains, they have terrible customer service. They tried to blame me for my audio jack not working. They told me they’d reimburse my shipping cost then went back on their word I had to fight them just to get the money back. Then finally they agreed to refund on PayPal which I never use, not the credit card I used to buy the panda. I wish I never bought this and had of gone with a different unit