Make a keyboard and mouse look like a console controller


As far as i know xbox 360 and Playstation 3 & 4 dont have native keyboard and mouse support for games… but if you can afford something like a Titan Two Device… any ways im wondering if there are any projects like this already for a raspberry pi? if not then where should i start?


It depends on the game and for each consle. The PS3 and PS4 do have keyboard and mouse support but not all games support a keyboard and mouse. I know multiple games the PS4 has support for this such as War Thunder, BF4 and BF1. There are numerous other titles that have this. I really don’t know about the 360.


yes iv heard that some PS 3 & 4 games support mouse and keyboard but not very many do so im looking to possibly start a project that can bridge this gap… as it stands i have a pile of broken 360 controllers that i was going to fix but never had the time or money to fix them… if i can make a raspberry pi map key strokes from a keyboard and mouse and mimic a controllers output… but as im not in any way a Pi expert! i had hope that some one could point me in the rite direction towards documentation and would have some incite to how i should go about achieving my goal.


Sounds like a cool project idea. If I were you I would read more on the design and protocols of the different consles. The older the consle the more documentation you may be likely to find. After you are farmilar with the design. The PS3 and PS4 have Bluetooth controlers that are known to work fine with the Pi (retro gaming) You would just need the write a program that would allow a Pi with a keyboard and mouse connected to appear as a regular controller to a consle.(hacked controller soldered to GPIO on the Pi) I am thinking the Pi would communicate through serial on the GPIO to the controller PCB with the translated (Keyboard, mouse imput to what the controller understands) This would be quite a lot of software work to get a translated signal but I bet you the folks that make custom retro controllers at the retropie fourms know a lot on emulating controller imputs. Hope I helped in some way, the retropie guys might be the better guys to ask for such a specialized topic.