Mojave failed install lattepanda


So it starts to load makes it less than half way then hangs up and after a bit video is disabled. Then nothing. Any clues or tips to fix this. Also should I install the drivers to my m.2 ssd drivers on the Windows side prior to hackintosh install?


you should always as you intend to install Mac OS install it first and then windows a side it Mac OS needs to be on the first partition on the disk


I am sorry that was confusing . so is there anything not in the video i need to k ow or do prior. I can not get passed the halfway point of mac os install


For me, initially was not obvious that the youtube link pointed to the obsolete version of the Clover files in Github. Use version 2.1 or newer when available.


Actually, use the older version of macPanda. I used 2.0. Since 10.14.3, macPanda 2.1 hasn’t been working


That was my problem thank you for the responces


And Windows needs to be on the first disk if you have several disks. Or at least it used to be this way for a system that I dual booted for a few years.