Orange pi zero time-lapse camera

This is a project I’m offering a reward for!

I was hoping to run on armbian, using any USB camera

And only requirements is that it’s 100% automated Options include, image capture and auto encode to video and upload to Dropbox, gdrive, utube, etc…

A gpio external button interface would be awesome for start/stop plus led status, also button to force encode/upload, but not 100% necessary, light sensor would be nice but can be substituted with clock schedule timer.

open putty port for remote login incase need diag, or change settings in code would be handy to edit timescale or duration or resolution or wifi settings… Would be nice!!

must take photos set for a long duration. I’m talking like a 6month run time!!! (doesn’t have to be one file over 6mo, can be split up by day/week/month, I’ll leave that up to u) but should be configurable!!

(Example: 1 frame captured per 2 minutes @30fps = 1 hour per second… In turn 15 hours day turns into 15 seconds of video, so 4 days = 1 minute… But all should be configurable…)

Resolution doesn’t have to be 4k but added options for camera config would be awesome!

Also storage configuration for external USB thumb drive incase larger resolution camera for image storage, also video output to external drive after encode, but after auto network upload file can be erased.

Easy to find instructions too! User friendly… I’m skilled at programming and coding… I don’t have the time due to work. Feel free to contact me about this anytime! I hope I was somewhat thorough and explaining specific parts of the code.