Picked up an "AIY Vision Kit" today!


I was considering this kit a few months ago (at a much lower price) but never got around to it. Well, today I did. I will be progressing through the first build/setup at a slow pace due to limited free time, however, I really look forward to developing these skills so I can get to working on a few ideas of my own.

Anyone else working with this kit or similar?

AIY Projects Page


nice!!! mine should be arriving today


Let me know if this kit is any good, thinking about picking up this camera one as a gift


Let me know what you think because i was looking at this https://aws.amazon.com/deeplens/ (yes i know not pi related) but i was i terested in the facial recognition.


I will also be closely watching this thread since I’ve been wanting to pick one of these up myself.


Just got to opening the box, constructing it as I type(with 1 hand) :slight_smile:

Edit: Few notes of mention so far.
Bend the L/R “side flaps” at the crease(close to fold line).
Do not “peel the clear sticker off the lens” in step 13. There is plenty of time to take it off later, no need to expose the lens to smudges while fussing around with folding/further build steps.


thanks for the tips… i was just looking at it today… didn’t get that far with it… but i’m pretty sure this tip is very handy


With everything complete, I toyed around with the sample code. The demos are a nice introduction to what this kit can do. I do not have TensorFlow experience so I expect to be busy for some time. Everyone else is new to this too…right?

Some final build notes:
*I removed the lens sticker right before inserting the main unit into the housing (box)

*The LED is a PITA to keep in while doing everything else. If your fingers allow, don’t install the LED bulb until you install the button. It must have popped out on me 10+ times before I started to think about making my own hole for it >_<

*Don’t fold “F” too tight (will make main unit insert very tight)

*You will need a Micro to HDMI adapter if you wish to view the camera feed during the demo


One more question is how good is the camera included?


The camera seems to handle low lighting pretty well. I tested it running the smile demo to see how dark I could make the room before it started to lose tracking abilities. Hard to judge video quality right now since I dont have a Micro to HDMI adapter. Ordering one today.