Quad Sata Kit Disk missing


I stumbled into this forum after watching Don’s Video on “Full Setup Quad Sata Hat for Raspberry Pi 4 NAS Review” and buying the Hat zu use as a cloud.
I would be very grateful, if someone could help me. A solution exists, I have it, but I am to dumb to understand it :confused:
I have zero experience with Linux apart from using pihole for my network.

Thanks to the video I got rather far. I can open OMV but two of my drives are missing under “Disks” although they can be seen in linux and also in OMV / File Systems.
The problem was descibed by someone else here
There is an official solution in the official Wiki (screenshot is attached) but I cannot figure out, how or where to do what they are saying.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you can help please explain it as if you were talking to a complete idiot (which is rather close to the truth:D)