Raspberry Pi 3 as a Ubiquiti Network Management System Server


I’m thinking of getting a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ for using the Ubiquiti Network Management System server software, has anyone else had any experience using it on this platform?



Looks like it needs to have minimum of 2GB RAM, Pi only has 1GB. Could always try and see.


If you have a spare 3B laying around go for it. The worst thing that can happen is that you loose a day from tinkering with the software. I would install the OS to an SSD


You would have to set a hardware bit to boot from an SSD. You would be limited by USB 2.0 though. Once you set a hardware bit you can’t go back. It should work with 1GB of RAM but the performance would be less than optimal.


Use a SBC with 2g of ram, like this SBC otherwise you will most likely run into lots of problems and the software might not even run.


Just let me mention that I am using Raspberry 3B as the Unifi Controller 5.8.30 for 7 devices and 36 clients. Works surprisingly well for over a year. That gives justified hope UNMS would be worth trying. Let us know on progress…