Raspberry pi 3 model B


Im thinking on getting a Raspberry pi 3 model B and was wondering are there any better ones that dont cost too much more?


It really depends on what you want to do with the hardware. Care to elaborate?


I would like to use it for geforce now so that i could have a small computer i could use to game anywhere where i get electricity and internet.


The 3B+ is the same price. It is the same price as the 3B but it might be at a slight premium due to it being new. If buying get a 3B+ it is better on several fronts including faster WiFi, ~17% faster CPU, and power over Ethernet.


Just get a 3B+ as GeForce now uses a lot of bandwidth. The 3B+ has noticeably faster WiFi and Ethernet. Video game streaming needs as real good Networking as possible to work effectively. Not to mention Pi s in general need all the speed they can get. Just a fair word of warning, just because a place has internet does not mean it is fast enough for remote gaming. If your household internet is fast enough go ahead and make a project out of that. It sounds like a great idea.


Thanks for great responses. The 3b+ actually sounds better for what im thinking to do with it than the 3b.
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I saw one for sale at Target.com


The pi3 B+ is the newest but some stores do not have them on shelves yet. Also it will be the same price as the past versions. Watch his vid about it. https://youtu.be/KYCc2TtLHTI


The Rock64 would be a good alternative if you were going to use it as a NAS.
An UDOO x86 would be good for portable gaming.