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Has anyone updated to latest Rasbian with older Pi board and have any issues?


i just did 2 days ago and went fine… maybe a bad download?


i do have a question. is Raspberry can be a client for a sever (ex. CCboot) ?
i’m planning to try to make a small internet shop (browsing, surfing, skype, lan games) using RPI as client and mining board (with NVIDIA gpu) server. the server will do most do the process with the help of GPU in terms of graphics related applications. this idea was inspired by parsec (low -latency game streaming). please do advice or suggest if its possible.


How is your project going?


ahaha… No good. can’t still find the proper software…


you might want to try raspberry pi desktop. as the server… and have your raspberry pi boot using pxe.


I just starting out mining Magi on a Pi 3. It keep freezing or crashing saying segmentation fault or illegal instruction. I have replaced the SD. Still does it. Any help?


how long does it run before it crahses?


Sometime it is a minute or two and sometimes 10-15 minutes. I have two set up the exact same way same case same card same software and one works perfect never has a problem for weeks now and the other just keeps freezing with end kernel panic not syncing. i have tried format and reinstall and i get same result.