Samsung 970 Evo not found as boot device


I have a Second problem.
I installed MacOS and everything seems to work fine.
But I have problems with setup the SSD as Bootdevices its simply not available in the bios.
I copied the EFI from USB to harddrive.
Its possible to boot from USB Bootloader and then in MacOS. But I cant set the SSD as bootdevice in the bios.


Can you show me ‘diskutil list’? Is there EFI partition in disk0?


Right now I‘m at work and cant sens you a screenshot. But its on disk0s1 and I copied the files from the USB drive.
But I think even without a boot partition, the ssd should be selectable in the Bios!!?


If you select the one in the bios screenshot, can you go into Clover bootloader? I select the partition there.


Hi, yes. In the „Kingston“ in the screenshot is thr usb device. I can bot with USB into Clover bootloader and then select the SSD to boot MacOS. But I cant boot directly from SSD


Did you copied the uefi partition via the dd command, as shown in the Novaspirit’s youtube tutorial?


hey, sorry for late reply

yes I did.

Maybe its a problem with the Powersupply. I read this in the official LattePanda forum. I’m using the original LattePanda Alpha USB-C Powersupply. I will try a different one or I’m using the Powerinput on the board.


Not sure where was the problem with your drive or bios, however I can see a typo in the command line in the picure (lack of / ). Regarding disk and power supply - I had no problems with EVO 970 with the stock power supply, a supply from LG monitor via USB-C, nor from a Samsung power supply via the auxilary pins. Zero problems.


:dizzy_face: wow…thanks a lot. How did I miss that? It was only the typo.
I thought I should have at least seen the SSD as a boot device.
Its working know