Samsung EVO 970 too slow with LP Alpha

Hello everyone! I successfully managed to install MacOS Mojave in my LP 8100Y and it is running great! The only problem is: Im using a samsung EVO 970 500mb (which is said to go up to 3500mb/s read and 2500 mb/s write) but Im only achieving about 1500 mb/s read and 1400 mb/s write.
Has anyone had the same issue with the LP and the evo 970?
Ive read that this ssd will behave like this when connected to a pcie x2 but the lattepanda is a pcie x4, isnt it?

Thanks everyone!!

have a nice day,
I use the same disc(EVO 970 ), I have the same problem.
can the relevant people give information? Why is this slowness?

have a nice day,
I use the same disc, I have the same problem.
can the relevant people give information? Why is this slowness?

Don’t know who the relevant people are exactly? Do we need to provide qualifications perhaps? :slight_smile:

Anyways … all jokes aside … some more information would be useful to help others assist you in diagnosing the issue … let’s start with a couple of simple things.

  • Have you guys perhaps inserted your SSD into the wrong M.2 adapter on the board? I.e., the M Key is x 4 whilst the E Key is x 2 - the latter is generally for using an adapter and a WiFi card for example.
  • Have you checked the NVME setting is enabled in the LP’s BIOS?
  • Again in the BIOS settings, did you make sure that you installed the OS with the AHCI setting enabled rather than the IDE setting enabled?

Without knowing what speed others using the same NVME M.2 SSD in the same specced LP are actually acheiving either, and without myself having the 8100Y model and/or a 970 (I am running a 960 in the earlier M3-7y30 model), you should know that the speeds stated by Samsung are theoretical only and can depend on the following factors for example:

  • Caching speeds of the device the M.2 is running in
  • The cooling method being used I.e., if the M.2 heats up after a 5 minute full tilt write it will throttle down speeds
  • No two hard drives are exactly the same which sort of comes back to the stated speeds being theoretical in the sense that even if one of your drives was reaching a you beaut 3000 mb/s write speed as an example then the other same brand/model drive in exactly the same device might only reach 2800 mb/s (obviously these are only figures used to demonstrate the example I am trying to relay here)

That being said is about all I can personally offer at this point in time - I hope that someone with the same model LP and same model SSD can come along and help you more if the possible simple solutions/checks I have provided above don’t help out at all.

Good luck - cheers.

Thanks for the tips, GDD! I’m sure the ssd is the M key slot and before making this topic I’ve already took a look at the BIOS, I couldn’t find any NVMe settings whatsoever… I’ve noticed from Don’s tutorial that the previous lattepanda with the M3-7y30 had much more options and setting in the bios than the 8100Y, and this is worries me a bit. Perhaps it is hidden somewhere there and I was just not paying attention enough, I’ll take another look! And I will certainly take a more careful look at the OS is installed with the AHCI setting (although I’m no certain what is this yet)

Please note that if you did install the OS with an IDE BIOS setting enabled, it is not simply as easy as switching the setting in BIOS I.e., if the OS was installed with IDE setting enabled it will have installed an IDE driver whereas if AHCI was enabled then an AHCI driver will be installed meaning that if the IDE setting was in fact enabled (if present in your 8100y BIOS) then you will need to go through a fresh install ensuring that the AHCI setting is enabled instead (Caveat: in Windows I’m pretty sure from memory that a registry edit can be done and then the setting can be changed in BIOS and it may work but if dealing with MACOS then???)

IDE is basically outdated now and in general deals with how drives connect and make use of the device it is being connected to … these days you are going to find all newer devices will utilise AHCI … long story short - don’t worry about the why’s and just make sure that AHCI is enabled in BIOS prior to an OS installation for the LP

Just checked my panda… It is installed with the AHCI setting and I didn`t find any nvme setting in the bios… I will keep searching for an answer but thanks again for your time, GDD!